FREE TRAINING: Step-by-Step Formula That All Great Stories Use
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How Do Stories Work?
If you're anything me, you're a big fan of movies, games and shows and want to know exactly how they work...

As soon as you click the button to register for your FREE training I'll explain everything!  

I promise I won't spoil the magic too much. ;)
3 Act Structure
You'll discover the 3 big milestones that all great stories hit so Audiences stay engaged!
Great Characters
You'll find out the magic ingredients to crafting great characters that Audiences love.
Secrets Revealed
I'll share all the insider secrets to how stories really work so you can see stories in a  new way.
I could easily charge $47 for this free training, but I am a real geek about this stuff and love to share it!  So why not geek out with me and click the button now!  I promise we'll have a good time.
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